Parcel from America

Synopsis: It is Christmas. It is 1950. Many cherished members of the closely-knit community of the parish of Teampall an Ghleanntáin are in the ‘next parish over’ – 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

Some of those who remain behind are more-or-less dependent on the parcels that arrive into the parish every Christmas from their family members in Springfield, MA.

A widow awaits, perhaps in vain, for a parcel from her errant son, who has run away, unaccountably, to Springfield without so much as a ‘by your leave’.

The beacon of her twilight lantern, as she awaits the daily rounds of the postman, shines into the hearts of the neighbors and creates an unforgettable Christmas for all.

(This project is currently under further development, for details please contact Tomáseen Foley – )


Oregon Cabaret Theater’s production of Parcel from America is an enchanting and authentic Irish musical. Based on the book by Tomáseen Foley, the script has the full flavor of his poetic and sensitive language, taking us to the Ireland he knows and loves. And oh, the sound of music!
R. Miller, Ashland Daily Tidings, Ashland, OR.
  “Utterly charming, heartwarming… filled with captivating melodies.”
The Cleveland Playhouse, Cleveland, OH